Rochas S/S 2012

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Blue smooches all over baby Z!

Why are the best face days on the weekend when I don’t go anywhere!? Come tomorrow my eyeliner will probably be uneven enough to spot from a mile away😑

Could not wait any longer to swatch this bad boy! This is Poe, a navy lipstick with violet/sorta iridescent shimmer/borderline glitter from @thekatvond’s new lipstick collection, Studded Kiss. Took me FORRRRREVER to get it right on my lips. I need to invest in a liner for this, for sure. Other than that I like it a lot, doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on the lips and imo isn’t drying..but I’ve only had it on about an hour. Can’t wait to buy more! #studdedkiss #katvond #studdedkisspoe #lotd

Mini-haul from yesterday! Grass bc it makes my stinky kids less stinky, Superbalm, Space Girl bath bomb for Ian and Rockstar soap for me! Also the new Studded Kiss lipstickby Kat Von D in Poe, and some staples I just kept putting off buying, Nightmoth liner from MAC and Dragon Girl lip pencil from NARS. #lush #lushcosmetics #studdedkiss

V bored. 🌚

Babliest of babes 😍👊💥 #wcw #RondaRousey #strengthgoals #fitnessgoals #GODDAMNLIFEGOALS